Dave's love for art began in high school, but his jump into the professional art world began in the late 2000's when he attended and graduated from the renowned Sheridan College's animation program. After college Dave has had many opportunities to work on projects partnered with incredible studios like TVO, YTV, Disney, and Netflix.

Over a decade into his career, Dave needed something to rekindle his love of art & design. Looking for a new and fun way to express himself, and wanting to share that expression with an audience, he brought his designs to a different medium. And so the J37 clothing line was born.


J37 - or Joint 37 - is an indie online clothing company based out of Toronto, Canada. All products are made-to-order. This means no physical inventory is carried, which in turn helps alleviate the problem of waste caused by fast fashion.

J37 designs are created to add that extra style to any apparel collection. It is about having fun. We want you to look and feel good in our clothing.


Have fun with style.
Have fun in style.


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